Institute of micro-finance and cooperative development.

One Day Interaction on Microfinance with the Team of Bauddha Grameen MP Coop. Ltd., Surkhet

Giving continuity to the follow up of the 17 point declaration passed by the participating organizations at the National Microfinance Members’ Summit, a One Day Interaction on Microfinance was held by Bauddha Grameen Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd. (BGMCL) on October 4, 2016 in Birendranagar, Surkhet.

The interaction aimed at building up common understanding, preception and agenda with regard to the policy, approach and strategies of the organization among the various tiers of organization such as the Board Members, Management, Branch Managers and Staff.

The one day program commenced with Senior Manager of BGMCL, Mr. Bishal K.C., welcoming the guests and participants and highlighting the opportunity of being able to conduct the interaction in the presence of the Chairman of CSD and pioneer microfinance practitioner and guardian, Mr. Shankar Man Shrestha.

All 17 branches of the MFI presented their progress status and identified the key problems faced while delivering the services. Various problems during operation such as; high risk of theft while traveling to remote centers, over-indebtedness of members, lack of insurance policy, duplication of members, increasing trend of member drop out, youth migration, geographical challenge etc were presented by the staff.

Addressing these challenges, the participants were divided into 5 groups to discuss and find solutions to the five most challenging issues faced by the microfinance sector as of now. The group discussions were facilitated by Mr. Shankar Man Shrestha wherein each group presented their findings and further discussion on each topic ensued.

Speaking to the BGMCL team, Mr. Shrestha said, “Bauddha Grameen has dynamic Board Members who are actively involved in field visits. Microfinance is a social business to partake access to finance to the ultra-poor and marginalized communities. With increasing challenges in the sector, we must put extra effort into strengthening our clients and raising awareness among them. We should develop a kind of protection gear for them, so that they are immune to external poaching institutions.” He appreciated their initiative of opening a health facility for their members and scholarship fund for deserving children of members. In the end he cautioned, “Measures should be preventive rather than curative. We must avoid falling into any uncomfortable situation.”

The Chairman of BGMCL Mr. Panch Singh Rokaya thanked the Chairman of CSD for taking out his valuable time to visit Surkhet and observe BGMCL activities. He said, “Mr. Shrestha has always been a friend to BGMCL and a guiding figure. We have gained a lot by his visit and feedback. Our staff and members are the backbone of the institution and we will focus on strengthening both. If you are loyal, sincere and diligent, there is no limit to your success. This sector has been providing employment opportunities to many youths in the community. We must now also give back to our members through various skill building trainings, services, facilities and so forth.” He concluded, “Let our work be an example for the next generation to look up to."

All of the 100 participants passed the Declaration concluded at the program and were invigorated to resume their daily work with renewed dedication and sincerity.