Institute of micro-finance and cooperative development.

Customized Training on Self Development Management

CSD organized a customized "Training on Self Development Management" from Nov 8 to 9, 2015 as per the request of Swabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd. There were 27 participants who were the area managers, branch managers and sub branch managers. SLBBL wanted to develop effective and efficient managers who will be capable enough to face the challenges in their operations. The main objective of the training was to develop self management skill, build positive attitude in participants and provide the ways of becoming effective manager. This training has provided the participants opportunity to identify the deficiency they have and develop the skills they need to set life goals which will enhance their employability prospects, raise their confidence and lead to a more fulfilling, higher quality life in their profession.  Microfinance culture, rules and regulations were kept into consideration while designing the training. This training has motivated the participants to provide quality services and build strong relationship with their clients.
The resource person was Mr. Prakash Kumar Pokhrel. He gave the concept of perception, attitude and behavior through very interactive and participatory sessions. Mr. Pokhrel made the participants aware about their own attitude and behavior and provided few tips on how to encourage positivity in life. He linked this training with microfinance so that participants could relate to it. He said, "New generation consists of new ideas, thinking and attitude and if we do not work on lessening the generation gap it will definitely give rise to negativity. So it is very essential for us to change our attitude to fit in the new generation". He urged everyone to internalize the training in order to encourage positivity in professional as well as personal growth. Mr. Pokhrel used more of Audio/Visual materials and group work in this training.

In the closing ceremony, Mr. Dhurba Raj Paudel, Divisional Manager of Swabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd appreciated the training a lot. He expressed that SLBBL has plans to provide this training to all their managers. He also appreciated all the participants for their continuous contribution to the organization. He urged all the participants to have positive attitude towards their job which will eventually bring better result in their career as well as in their life. Mr. Paudel ended the program wishing the participants all the best in their life.